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Here are some of my photos from the Canon Photomarathon 2014! I learned so much from the ambassadors, from my fellow shutterbugs, and from my experience in this event. ‘Til the next Canon Photomarathon! :)


Tried a new photography method called the Brenizer Method! I need more practice and more shots though to achieve an ultimate Brenizer photo (lol). I’ll try this tomorrow fo sho

So basically what I did was I shot 6-10 photos then stitched them together using Photoshop. I think it will work great in portrait cos of the shallow depth of field that it will create!

It’s the second Canon Photomarathon University Edition tomorrow, and it will be held in my school! I’m feeling nervous and excited at the same time (i’m competitive jsyk). Looking forward to meeting the Crusaders of Light and other photography enthusiasts! Anyone here going? Message me so we can meet up or something haha!

model:  Mika Garcia


model:  Mika Garcia

Micah at Eighteen

Photography: Rob Sarte

MUA: Kate Moscardon of Kate’s Bliss

Hair: Phoebe Dionisio of Kate’s Bliss

Portraiture for DLSU OVPIA’s The Dream Expo DLSU

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